Star Wars: Battlefront II PC servers ‘will be fixed,’ according to DICE

Battlefront Ii Pc Servers Fix Dice

The PC servers powering the multiplayer mode of Star Wars Battlefront II have been facing some trouble over the last few months. Back in October 2021, the game’s PC version had faced an issue that was severely affecting the multiplayer content. So much so, that lots of players had flocked to the EA forums and complained about the problem. The issue persisted though, all the way through October to right now.

Even though Star Wars Battlefront II had an infamously rough start, it’s gone on to develop a passionate fan base. But, with the issues that have overrun the game, a lot of people’s patience has been tested. Recently however, a community manager from DICE reached out to users on Reddit to assure them that the issue would be addressed soon. DICE community manager, Kevin Johnson (TOTALfps on Reddit), stated that “progress was made towards getting a fix in place, it will be fixed.”


The problem facing Star Wars Battlefront II

The issue that Battlefront II is having right now is certainly a strange one. Essentially, it revolves around players not being able to be defeated. Instead of the usual thing happening where you get shot a few times and get kicked back to the character selection screen, players just get stuck with 1 HP. No matter how much damage is dealt in-game, players cannot be killed in the usual way. Obviously, this is a problem because it effectively stops the game in its tracks.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer

It gets stranger from there though, as no one knows how this glitch originated. As time went on, it apparently continued to affect more and more matches until the game became nearly unplayable. DICE is apparently working on a fix for the game now though, and it can’t come soon enough. Players have been unable to enjoy the game since October, and it’s a shame to potentially let that be the final nail in the coffin for the game.

The developer also has a lot on its plate besides Star Wars: Battlefront 2. DICE is currently trying to address the issues found within Battlefield 2042 as well. It’s unfortunate timing, as both games are facing rather large problems. As of now, there’s no word on when DICE expects the issues surrounding the PC servers of Battlefront II to be addressed. Hopefully, the fix comes sooner rather than later.

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