Star Wars Battlefront reveals planet Sullust

The planet of Sullust has been revealed as one of the 12 multiplayer battlegrounds in Star Wars Battlefront.

The team wanted to “create a planet on our own”, according to concept artist Anton Grandert, and they eventually settled on the lava world of Sullust. The idea was to make it “really colourful yet imposing and threatening”, with “black sharp rocks, huge land shifts, red lava, turquoise lakes, and white smoke.”

As it turns out, the Icelandic wilds wound up being a pretty good reference point for the planet which – unlike Endor, Hoth, and Tatooine – isn’t exactly well-established. As such, DICE opted for an under-construction Imperial theme, with areas themed around lava, sulfur, the Death Star, and a mine. And, below, you can see some initial concept art and a screenshot from the map itself.

Star Wars Battlefront is due out on 17 November. Pre-orders are open now, and those who pre-order will get one week’s early access to the free map based on the planet of Jakku, on 1 December. If you fancy more information about Sullust, you can read up on the way the team built the map over here.

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