Star Wars: The Old Republic – Belsavis

BioWare has unveiled the latest nugget of info about its upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The planet of Belsavis is an ancient Galactic prison, holding not only the most dangerous criminals since the Great War, but the most terrifying prisoners in the galaxy, left behind by the Rakatan Empire.

When the Republic discovered Belsavis’ secret underground containment location before the war, it decided to keep the planet and its inhabitants a secret and turn the surface into a prison to hold its own deadly criminals made up of Sith Lords, Mandalorians and creations of Sith alchemy. However, the Empire found out about the prison and have been bombarding the planet in an attempt to rescue its loyal subjects, risking the release of the lethal Rakatan monstrosities.

Find out more at the official site, but see the latest screens and video below:

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