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The Starbound beta continues to progress through all the stages of Koalas with a new update. That’s in addition to the Annoyed Koala and Frustrated Koala updates which have been unleashed in the past couple of days. This latest patch is merely an Indignant Koala, and has nerfed birds.

It does some other stuff too, which you can read about in the latest changelog over here on the Chucklefish forums. I’m going to recreate (ie; copy and paste) those very notes to save you the trouble of even having to click a link. No no, don’t thank me. It’s all in a day’s work.

  • Nerf the hell out of birds, they no longer attack you at long range, lower damage, don’t follow you forever.
  • Monster projectiles across the board better balanced
  • Shields better balanced
  • Early armors better balanced
  • Melee weapons better balanced
  • Ores better balanced
  • AI improvements
  • You can now craft lanterns (similar to Sixxes’ “lantern mod”!)
  • You can now craft a new back armor to help light caves
  • Fixed the bubble gun crashing on mouse over
  • Improve grass (Suggestion by Dracyoshi)
  • You are now invincible on your ship (this requires a new character)
  • You need to be hit a lot harder to get knocked back
  • Some UI updates
  • Drills now destroy 3 x 3 blocks
  • Nerfed fall damage.
  • You can now turn 10 unrefined wood into coal in the furnace.
  • New “melting” status effect on lava makes lava super dangerous (watch out)
  • Other misc changes

Yeah, take that, birds! And … fall damage, I guess. Tim is currently exploring strange and dangerous new worlds in the Starbound beta, so you’ll be able to read his thoughts on the game in the coming days.

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