StarCraft 2 Beta This Month

During Blizzard’s financial conference call, a date for Best testing the RTS sequel has now been set.Blizzard’s CEO Mike Morhaime announced that the StarCraft 2 Beta will begin later this month. Although he did not give the game a final release date, gamers will be able to check out the game later this month.There is still no final release date but the financials have the game down as a  ‘first half of 2010′ release as expected.According to the financials, Activision Blizzard are looking to expand their digital distribution and sales markets primarily through Blizzard and the service, so a lot is riding on the new and  StarCraft 2. Hopefully we’ll have a more concrete final release date in the near future once the Beta test gets underway this month.It’s nice to see the past weeks’ signs of StarCraft II beta did indeed prove correct.

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