StarCraft II Beta Forums Open

The StarCraft 2 beta forums are now open.

StarCraft: IncGamers reports that, following the hints of an imminent StarCraft II beta release, StarCraft II’s beta forums are now open.

The forums were partly merged with the new StarCraft II beta forums a few hours ago and they are now ready to be used. However, no-one has received their keys yet – regardless of whether or not they had keys from BlizzCon or other places – so at the moment, there are only FAQs and other community posts there.40 new player avatars have been added with the new forums, likely related to Achievements, many new forums and four new community managers. For further details of what the avatars are, what forums are added and more, check out our StarCraft channel.Does this mean the beta is soon to hit? Recently, StarCraft II system requirements were revealed, we’ve seen a preview, and the StarCraft II beta was confirmed for February in the Activision-Blizzard conference call so it seems likely we’ll be hearing more shortly.