StarCraft II Beta Quantity Before Quality

The StarCraft II beta matchmaking settings have been turned away from skill level matching to quick matching, StarCraft: IncGamers reports.

Blizzard announced to fans that “the Find Match functionality is currently configured to find games more quickly, rather than find evenly matched games.” The idea is likely to get more games going to let the developer get a better statistical overview of unit balance. However, “while this gets you playing faster, the chances are greatly increased that you will play against opponents that are well above or below your skill level,” the statement said.

This will not be a permanent change, as the continued StarCraft 2 beta invites will make more players of similar skill available, Blizzard will “adjust the matchmaking accuracy versus matchmaking speed,” and fans will see “the odds [of] finding an even match improve dramatically.”

By StarCraft II’s release in the first half of this year, any similar problems should have been sorted out.

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