StarCraft II Collector’s Edition Is Selling Out?

Several major retailers have removed their listings for Starcraft II Collector’s Edition boxes.Gamestop, Game and Amazon have all removed links to the Collector’s Edition (although several nation-specific subsites, like, appear to have a few left.) The likeliest explanation is that they’ve sold the stock that Blizzard has promised them.Pretty impressive if true, as that means that plenty of major retailers have sold all of their Collector’s Edition boxes a mere month after the announcement and a full two months before the release date of 27 July. Considering how far in advance this is, we’re hoping there might be time to print up more Collector’s Edition boxes before the release.For more information on the Collector’s Edition box, what it contains and how it looks – with pictures from the London Sci-Fi fair last month – head over to the full report on Starcraft: IncGamers.