StarCraft II On Consoles: Zero Chance

In an interview with IncGamers, Rob Pardo, VP of game design at Blizzard revealed StarCraft II has no chance of ending up on consoles.

Blizzard has previously dodged the platform question, but remained negative. Pardo finally answered the question of how big chance we have of seeing StarCraft II on consoles. He simply said: “Zero percent.”

Blizzard tries to approach each game, and see what platform it should be on. “In our opinion we just don’t feel like we will deliver the type of RTS game that we’ve been creating [on consoles].”

“We have tried in the past, we actually tried the original StarCraft on Nintendo 64. It works, it’s playable, it’s just such a different playability gameplay experience than on PC and we really don’t want to have it be that different.”

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