Starcraft II Rated Unsuitable For South Korean Teens

As if the online gaming curfew weren’t enough, South Korea’s teens have just been dealt another blow – an 18+ rating for Starcraft II.

The Korea Times reports that South Korea’s Game Rating Board has deemed the title unsuitable for those under the age of 18, citing “the game’s level of violence, foul language and depiction of drug use.”

Blizzard has a thirty day window in which to appeal the decision. As the same Board apparently gave earlier test versions of Starcraft II a pass for everybody aged 15 and over, it seems highly likely that the company will file an objection.

The report also suggests that if Blizzard chooses, or is ultimately forced, to make the required changes to obtain a more family-friendly rating, it could push Starcraft II’s release date into next year.

“We have nothing to say at this point” said a Blizzard Korea spokeswoman, before in fact going on to say something. “We are discussing our official position on the matter as well as what would be the right reaction.”

We’re a little baffled by the inclusion of ‘drug use’ in the ratings charge sheet, but maybe South Korea knows something we don’t.

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