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As announced earlier this month and after a test run in beta form, Stardew Valley has been updated to include multiplayer on PC, with other platforms to come later.

In addition to this, there comes a host of new content: a new winter festival, a new collectible type, new character events, house crops, and seasonal decorations. And, of course, the highly notable — and arguably the most important of all the new features and content — Horse Hats.

Stardew Valley Horse with Hat

Not only can players now have a game of up to 4 people, but they can also convert a single-player game by building cabins. It’ll work by using one of the players as a host and then adds a co-op menu onto the home menu, as well as having LAN options and allowing for Steam/GOG crossplay.

Players share money, and the mode features the ability to adjust difficulty via the selling value and the starting layout of other players cabins. There are also vague hints about being able to help out one of the town residents in a large way, as well as the ability to change professions. This sounds like a pretty meaty update, and doubtless, it’ll bring plenty of people back to till the digital earth.

Stardew Valley Screenshot

For myself, I got into Stardew Valley earlier this year and it has been a blast the whole way through. It is such a calming experience, and one that keeps you constantly busy with things to do, all while never overly stressing you out.

It is also incredibly addictive, and I racked up a fair few hours in my game’s three years of building up a farm and wooing the local best girl, Abigail.

Being able to play with friends, as well as all the new content, makes me eager to dive back into it and immerse myself in it once more.


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