Stardrive 2 feature complete, warping to you in April

Zero Sum Games have announced that Stardrive 2 will be boldly going to your hard drives in April.

The 4X sequel is now feature complete and just needs a spot of bug-fixing and polish, and with that in mind, publisher Iceberg Interactive reckon it’ll be ready to explore the stars on 9 April.

Stardrive 2 puts you in a command of a vast interstellar empire, and holds you responsible for warring, trading, spying, treatying, and just generally making sure that your interstellar empire is the best interstellar empire. Unless you’re rubbish, in which case it’ll put you in command of a tiny interstellar empire which will quickly collapse.

I’m fairly certain Peter’s been playing around with a preview build, so we’ll hopefully have some early impressions of Stardrive 2 online soon. For now, you can have a gander at the new screenshots below.

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