StarDrive beta launches on Steam today


The 4X strategy game StarDrive will launch on Steam today in beta form as part of their “pre-order and play now” plans.

Peter recently went hands-on with the game and described it as “showing every sign of being a confident, in-depth addition to the 4X canon.” That should be recommendation enough if you are thinking about taking the plunge.

Zer0 Sum Games CEO Daniel DiCicco commented: “After years of creating this game we are finally ready and hugely excited to be entering the beta stage on Steam. We are hungry for the feedback of the seasoned 4x gamers that have been following development. The game is still evolving and with the help of our fans it will only get better, while at the same time we are confident they will have a blast with StarDrive as it is now!

The game is not yet available on Steam but we expect it to appear later today with 15% discount available.




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