Starfield exploit lets players level up insanely fast

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Screenshot: Bethesda

Starfield, like all other Bethesda titles, is not without overlooked features that the players will find joy in exploiting. The Spiffing Brit, a notorious YouTuber known for exploiting systems in games and websites, highlighted a particularly incredible exploit in Starfield that allows players to level up insanely fast. If you want to improve your character quickly and with little effort, then look no further as we delve into his exploit.

The fastest way to level up in Starfield

It is common knowledge that to level up in Starfield, one effective method is to land your ship on a fauna-rich planet and begin hunting your way to new levels. This is effective and will be some players’ preferred method of farming experience points. However, the Spiffing Brit takes that method one step further by playing with the difficulty levels.

Before you make planetfall, make sure to increase your difficulty to the highest possible level. When you land, your world will be full of very dangerous and high-level creatures. However, you can immediately turn the difficulty back down. The levels and EXP reward remain the same for each creature, but they’ll only require a few bullets each to slaughter.

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You can zoom through the planet’s surface, eliminating hordes of EXP-rich creatures. As in his video, you’ll be ascending the levels quickly in no time. This exploit is infinitely repeatable and infinitely enjoyable. Be warned, as this will make the game much easier, which may take some of the joy out of the experience, so use it at your own peril. I know that it would suck a little of the fun out for me, as I personally love the journey and challenge of the progression. However, this hilarious exploit will surely help a lot of you out there.

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