starpoint gemini 2 (3)

No wormholes here, but they’re said to be better now.

Little Green Man’s Starpoint Gemini 2 is sat in Steam’s Early Access, but progressing towards a full release. It entered a self-described beta phase on 17 March and has just released a fresh beta update for the open universe space RPG.

This latest version has a few bug tweaks, new additions and implements a couple of community suggestions as well. Let’s take a look at the changes then, shall we?

  • FIXED:  Several bugs, amongst others in dialog panel issues and ship assembly
  • UPDATED: Wormholes received a visual and physics overhaul
  • UPDATED: It is no longer possible to dock on hostile stations/planets
  • UPDATED: HUD markers transparency now depends on distance to object
  • ADDED: Smuggle Freelance mission
  • ADDED: Particle effects on ships when being damaged
  • ADDED: Heavy weapons can now force a ship to drop Power to Engines

Those are the main alterations. A more in-depth list can be found on the game’s Steam announcements page. Starpoint Gemini 2 currently costs $25.00 USD, but that price will probably rise as it gets closer to a full release date.

I’ve been playing the beta build of the game, so expect a preview article about this upcoming space odyssey on IncGamers in the coming days.

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