starpoint gemini 2 (3)

Those two stars and the asteroid make a kind of weird face.

Third-person space exploration RPG Starpoint Gemini 2 leaves Early Access to join the full Steam store today, so here’s an accompanying launch trailer. Little Green Men’s title is an interesting hybrid (at least it was when I previewed it,) of Elite style trading and aRPG-like skill cooldown combat.

Those who were waiting for single player to be added will be pleased to learn that the release version of the game has a full campaign.

“As we embrace the game’s official release today, we understand one thing – this is the end of one process and the beginning of another,” says lead Little Green Men scripter Danijel Mihokovic. “Even after 50 updates during Early Access, the wish-list created on the community forums will enable and oblige us to continue to refine the game and add new content for a long, long while.”

So, you can expect Starpoint Gemini 2’s development process to continue beyond the release candidate available today. Below, you can read a list of post-Early Access features the game will be launching with.

  • Unlocked entire single player campaign (featuring cut scenes and voice over)
  • Added full soundtrack, ambient and combat tracks
  • Added character selection and ship selection for free roam mode
  • Updated entire skill system, now based on power pool
  • Unlocked Steam achievements

Here’s the launch trailer, complete with some space lore about what happened between the original game and this sequel.

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