State of Decay Lifeline DLC

The State of Decay Lifeline DLC was announced at the start of the month and we didn’t really have any details about what it would actually contain other than it would include a new map. This morning Undead Labs revealed more of what’s in store and this time the military are getting in on the action.

The DLC will bring new characters to the game and also introduce the “military side of the zombie apocalypse”. Players will control Greyhound One which is a small unit sent to the fallen city of Denforth to rescue a group of scientists who may hold the key to stopping the outbreak.

Undead Labs have set the game at the start of the zombie outbreak so you’ll be well equipped when the new story begins. Over time the resources you’ll have access to will disappear as the situation on the ground degrades. The DLC is effectively the exact opposite of the original game where it was a battle to find resources to stay alive.

There will be focus on a military base which is the the “Landing Zone” where there’s supply drops and the facilities to extract civilians. This base will be under an undead siege and you’ll need to defend it and stop the civilians from being chewed by zombies.

Military weaponry will also be at your disposal and the tools you’ll have to take down the zombies will include minefields, defenses, off-map artillery which can be called in, and soldiers to help defend the base.

The State of Decay Lifeline DLC sounds like it could be a real blast and more information on the characters, new maps and weaponry will be released by Undead Labs in the weeks ahead.

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