More State of Decay Lifeline DLC details revealed

State of Decay
Not even a zombie invasion can stop you taking a dump.

Undead Labs are still to release their latest content update for State of Decay called Lifeline but they’ve pushed out a few more details.

We know that the military are involved this time with the primary goal of finding key scientists and personnel then lift them to safety. Dropping in and establishing a military outpost, which is known as Black Friday by your military chums, is key to the success of the mission. At this outpost, located at an abandoned strip mall, players will have to establish a Field Workshop to repair weapons which can then be upgraded to a Ammunition Shop which will resupply the troops with ammo, assuming you have the resources.

This base of operations is also where supplies will be dropped in by choppers through spending Influence to keep stocks up. Undead Labs do say that this option may not always be available so we’re assuming that as the clock ticks down drops may become unavailable.

New crafting options will also reveal themselves through the Ops Center and this is also key to assigning troops orders, setting up supply lines, and generally keeping everything in order at this home away from home.

The zombies will be intent on attacking the facility so putting down a few traps to take them out in large batches will help. Mines, propane tanks and fireworks are just some of the explosives available to help keep the zombie numbers down. Zombies are mindlessly persistent as you well know.

As a military unit dropped into an inhospitable location, this DLC is about keeping the unit alive and your tactics will be key. Building power generators, creating ammo and supply stocks will help but it’s the zombie apocalypse and if something can go wrong it probably will.

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There’s still no release date for Lifeline but we’ll keep you posted on developments.

Source: Undead Labs.

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