State of Decay PC release getting closer – PC controller version at PAX

State of Decay

PC gamers have been eagerly awaiting the release of Undead Labs zombie survival title State of Decay on the PC, and while there’s still no final release date for the game, there’s an update from Undead labs this afternoon which fills us in a little more.

According to the development team, the sandbox release on the 360 is getting close to completion and they have confirmed that the PC version will release in 2013. They also point out that a PC “controller only” version will be shown at PAX this weekend. This PAX version is “something close to the Early Access” version that will be going on Steam.

The PC version is obviously getting close to a Steam release and it sounds like they still have to iron out the control system changes for PC which is one of the factors they had mentioned as an issue in a previous update. At least we know it’s on track for release this year.

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