State of Decay keybinding added in latest patch

State of Decay keybinding

Undead Labs continue to tweak their zombie survival title State of Decay and a new patch has just landed on Steam.

One of the major grips was the inability to change the keybindings and thankfully this has been added this evening as one of the patch highlights. There are crash and bug fixes and other bits and bobs which is good to see as the game continues to improve.

If you’ve not checked Peter’s review you can do so on this page. He seemed to rather like it.

Here’s the notes…

New Stuff

-There is now a smoother frame rate, and reduced stalls when driving
-Breakdown UI is hooked up
-Added more inputs for keyboard and mouse to shake zombies off (used to be ‘c’ key, now it’s ‘c’ or ‘e’ or ‘left click’ or ‘space’)
-The resolution changes when you release (rather than when you drag) the sliders
-The mouse moves the camera during cutscenes
-We now block emotes/execute/roll/drop during cutscenes

-Fix for crash when trying to complete certain missions
-Fixed bug that caused unintentional overwriting of saves when you clicked Start New Game
-Fix for cycling visible items when using the mousewheel
-Fixed placeholder text on expertise screen
-Fixed several strings in non-English languages

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