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    The Undead Labs crew have today answered more questions about the State of Decay Lifeline DLC based on recent queries from the community.

    First, and most importantly, the Lifeline DLC is still on track for and early June release although there’s still no exact date until the final code is nailed down.  There still appears to be some confusion with regards to the content of the DLC so they’ve cleared a few things up.

    First of all there’s only one military base in the game and that’s codenamed Black Friday. There are however outposts with a military theme.  Some of the DLC’s features will carry over to the original State of Decay such as “Rucks in Trucks”, an outpost revamp, improved zombie pathing and vehicle physics.

    Lifeline will not include any new skills but soldiers have improvements on certain skills over the civilians.

    When the base is being swamped by undead, soldiers are positioned via AI in “priority order” and will “float” between gates when they’re secure. Soldiers will then fall back to a central position and cover each other when a breach occurs. Gates can then be repaired and the soldiers’ action will return to normal.

    No new zombies are being added to the game but they are going to be “relentless” and there’s a new “tough truck” that can apparently really take a pounding. While on the subject of vehicles, you won’t be able to fly the chopper in case you had grand plans to swoop out the sky at the zombie hordes.

    Undead Labs are making it hard to penetrate the “red zone” but say it’s not a “wall” but the sheer amount of zombies will make it incredibly difficult to get very far. Here’s why:

    It’s just that when a skyscraper filled with people meets with the zombie apocalypse, it makes for a hell of a lot of zombies. If you get too close to the choke points, you will see a “DANGER ZONE” alert and find zombies pouring out onto your head.”

    There are new guns which would make sense because you’re the military and they have lots of guns.

    The achievements have also been revealed so if you don’t mind a good spoiler check them out in the post.

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