State of Decay

While the PC version of State of Decay is still very much in development and the controller only version has not been upgraded to a fully PC optimised control system (although you can play with keys), 360 owners will shortly be getting their hands on the Breakdown DLC.

This DLC is the much talked about sandbox mode and it’s now been sent to Microsoft for 360 pre-certification testing. But what about PC players? Are they getting the DLC?

The answer is yes, but when it will be released for the PC is still up in the air.  The development team are still working on the keyboard interface and that has to be completed before the final game is pushed live. Once that happens, the DLC will be making its way on to the PC.

This evening Undead Labs posted some more clarification on PC DLC.

“Just wanted to say that I will have a guess as to when the DLC will be available to you once the first pass on the keyboard interface is up and y’all have beaten on it.

Then we’ll be able to guess a full release date, and we’ll be able to offer you the DLC either shortly thereafter or at the same time.

But I won’t really know until the first pass at K&M is in, and all I’m hearing right now about that is that our new programmer is working exclusively on it, the designer’s focus is coming back to it, and Zip (the programmer who has been working on PC since June) is back on it.

Sorry I can’t give you hard dates, but if I did give you any, they’d be straight out of my ass and not reliable.”

The Breakdown DLC will provide a new sandbox mode where players will progress through each “iteration” of the game and the scenarios will get progressively harder. There’s a good blog post explaining how difficulty is being ramped up on the State of Decay site if you want to know more.

The Breakdown DLC will be released on the 360 at the end of the month so let’s hope the PC version is finalised not long after that.

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