Steam adds movie rentals from Lionsgate, Miramax, Summit

This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

I’m not sure whether there’s really a huge market for $4.00 USD movie rentals on Steam, but that’s the hope of Miramax, Lionsgate, and Summit. Films from all three publishers have shown up on Valve’s digital platform today.

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All of the films appear to have a 48 hour rental period, which can be used at any point within a 30 day period of paying. Presumably that means the 48 hours starts ticking down the moment you start watching, but you don’t have to get around to viewing within 48 hours of purchase. At least, I think.

Anyway, if you feel a sudden urge to rent the entire Twilight saga through Steam (hopefully for some kind of massive RiffTrax session, because I can’t imagine why else you’d do that), that’s something you can now do. For $4.00 a pop.


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