Dishonored - Brigmore Witches 5

    Chokes on you, pal. And the, uh, sword in your neck as well.

    Congratulations to anybody who chose not to risk being trampled to death in horrible Black Friday scrums today. It’s much nicer browsing for cheap things in the comfort of your own home, isn’t it? Steam certainly thinks so, and has a new set of Daily Deals up for 29 November.

    Dishonored ($7.50) and BioShock Infinite ($10.00) are looking pretty good, if you’re interested in Thief or Fringe fan-fiction (in a good way, mostly.) Though with Dishonored it may be prudent to wait for the ‘Game of the Year’ edition to have a major sale, which is no doubt will within the next few months. BioShock Infinite inevitably will get an edition that bundles up all the DLC too, but since it hasn’t all been released yet that could take a while.

    On a more indie front, Surgeon Simulator 2013 at $2.50 is definitely worth looking at. Especially if you live with other people and can amuse/horrify them by forcing them to watch your bungled medical efforts. Tim will hit me if I don’t mention Spelunky, so I’m mentioning Spelunky. It’s just under $4.00 in a Flash Deal at present.

    Today is not a bad day to get State of Decay for half off at $10.00, either. The Breakdown sandbox DLC is released later today, so the whole package will be about $17.00.

    You could also pick up Call of Duty: Ghosts fo … ahaha, no, not really. It’s a poorly optimised piece of shit on PC, and Activision barely understands the meaning of the word ‘sale’. 17% off? More like fuck off.

    Steamy Steam Tip: Always wait for a game you’re interested in, to see if it shows up in a Daily or Flash Deal between now and 3 December when the sale ends.

    Peter Parrish

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