The -Witcher-2

“I, Geralt, can be purchased for not many coins today.”

It’s a bit of a sequels day on the Steam sale, with The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition ($5.00,) Borderlands 2 ($7.50) and Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition ($7.50) all up for grabs. If you’ve been hoarding your Steam badge cash up to this point, it could be time to dip in to it.

Total War: Rome II is still in the process of being patched, but is a fair bit better than at launch and is 50% off today ($30.00.) The Kickstarter-powered Shadowrun Returns is up for $9.00 too. In the Flash Deals at present you can pick up Call of Juarez: Gunslinger for slightly more than $5.00. Everybody seems to have enjoyed that game more than me, so you probably would too.

Max Payne 3 divided opinion when it came out, but at $4.00 in a Flash Deal could be worth a look for anybody who’s been pondering it.

Usual Reminder: If there’s a game you’ve been watching, wait to see if it appears on a Daily or Flash deal before the sale ends on 3 December. That way you won’t buy it at 50% off and then see it a day later at 75% off.

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