Steam breaks concurrent user record over the weekend

Steam Logo

During the same period last year Steam managed to attract around 6m concurrent users and this year that record has been smashed with the peak concurrent user numbers reaching 7,190,520.  

Looking back further, around two years ago the record was 5m so there’s steady growth as Valve’s platform has improved and expanded with features such as Early Access and Greenlight.

It comes as no huge surprise that the record was broken this weekend because over the past few days the Steam Sale bonanza has seen PC gamers flocking to Steam pick up top bargains. Games that have been proving popular with players over the past couple of days include DOTA 2,  Skyrim,  TF2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Football Manager 2014, Garry’s Mod and Civilzation V.

The continual growth of Steam is healthy for PC gaming and it’s also good news for Valve who are banking on their Steam Boxes breaking into as many living rooms as possible next year. 

With the release of the new consoles, it’s also encouraging to see so many PC gamers active and not being enticed by the inferior Sony and Microsoft machines.

Based on these numbers, PC gaming is definitely dead *cough*.

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