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Steam Controller demonstrated in video with multiple games

What wizardry is this? PC games being played on a controller? Surely not! Yes, it’s PC games being demonstrated on Valve’s new Steam controller which was unveiled a couple of weeks ago.

We’re still a little sceptical about how well it can handle certain genres of PC games but Valve are keen to demonstrate that it can be used on just about anything without any problem. Portal 2, Civilization V, Counterstrike and Papers Please are played with the controller in the video.

The most interesting feature is the ability to have both track pads linked for mouse movement in games that predominantly use the mouse. What this means is that both pads are used to move the mouse across the screen. It sounds odd, but as you watch the Civ V segment you can see that moving the mouse with just the one track pad is a little more cumbersome and “sticky”.

Valve also say that the precision on FPS games means there’s no need for auto-aim, although it still looks nowhere near as good as a mouse and keyboard combo if you’re serious about playing shooters on your sofa.

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