Steam Controller On Sale For Five Bucks

While the Steam Controller was an interesting experiment in peripheral design, it just didn’t catch on with the community like Valve hoped. As such, it looks like it’s on its way out, according to a new sale page over on Steam.

The controller is currently available at a rock bottom price of $5, plus a few dollars for shipping (around $8 or so). That means fans can snag this uniquely designed peripheral for around $13 total, which isn’t too bad. But the real question is — is the controller worth it?

What does the Steam controller have?

This peripheral does have a number of features that stand out from the usual controller design. For instance, it’s fully customizable, and its dual trackpads are ideal for different gameplay types. The left trackpad is usable like a controller or a joystick, in case you’re into that classic “rolly” feel. (We know you Centipede players can get where we’re coming from, yeah?)

In addition, the Steam Controller also comes with HD haptics built-in, along with dual-stage triggers for better feeling. It’s available for play in both wired and wireless mode, making it convenient for those sessions of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The controller is still available for purchase, and the trailer below gives you a good idea of what it’s all about. Just be aware that with the Steam Autumn Sale currently taking place, you might be waiting a bit. However, it might be worth it if you can snag one of these controllers for a great price. Better hurry, though, because they’re available in very limited quantities. And once they sell out, they won’t return.

So this is a good opportunity to say both goodbye and hello to the Steam Controller, if you feel like adding it to your rig. $5 is a reasonable value considering what you’re getting here.

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