An image of the Steam controller in its final form has emerged from GDC, after somebody snapped a picture shown on the side of Valve’s event booth.

It’s a render in shiniest gold, but gives a pretty good indication of the final configuration Valve decided to go with. Looks like there are still a pair of track pads (the ‘owl eyes’) along with an analogue stick in the bottom left. Plus the expected four button set-up to the right of said stick.

It doesn’t give much of a view of the bumpers/triggers situation on top, but those are likely to be pretty standard I’d imagine.

If you’re now thinking “well, I doubt I could play¬†Game X on it,” remember that this peripheral is not intended to replace the existing analog control options. Valve is trying to fill the gap for games that don’t have standard analog control compatibility (stuff which you’d traditionally play with a mouse) and the games which were released prior to Xinput becoming standard.

The Steam controller is intended to be paired with Steam Machines, and make sure that there’s as much gamepad compatibility as possible with every PC game available.

From Valve’s statements last night, we know this controller is intended for launch in November with a $50.00 USD price tag.

Valve’s Steam Controller Photos Surface Online, More Powerful Steam VR On The Way

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