Shocking news today as the popular digital PC storefront known as Steam makes some games cheaper than they usually are. If you can get over that unexpected turn of events, you may find something worthwhile in the Cyberpunk Sale.

It runs until 20 March, so don’t rush to make up your mind. Do remember that the US is on Daylight Savings time at the moment, though. So 10am Pacific (when the sale wraps up) might be an hour earlier than you expect.

Right, so what looks good here? Quite a few things really. If you still don’t own System Shock 2, then that’s 75% off. Both the original Deus Ex (80%) and Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut (80%) are included too, for more of that Looking Glass style lineage gaming. I wouldn’t bother with Invisible War (80% off too) unless you’re very curious about what happened with that sequel.

Anachronox is 75% off. You can recruit a literal planet to be in your RPG party. Far Cry: Blood Dragon is 75% off. It has a dedicated button for flipping people off. Based on how many of these I want to recommend, it turns out I really like the Cyberpunk genre.

Tim will hit me if I don’t mention Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (30% off) and Dreamfall: Chapters (30% too) being discounted today as well. So I have. Chapters currently has two out of five episodes released.

If you want to learn about the wonders of Brouzoufs (AND YOU DO,) then EYE: Divine Cybermancy is your confusing friend at 90% off. Which makes it one dollar over here. Binary Domain is good for a laugh at 75% off, especially if you enjoy shooting limbs off Japanese robots. Do you miss FMV in games? Then Tex Murphy’s Tesla Effect (yes, 75% off) can sort you out.

Basically there are a lot of good and/or amusing PC games in this sale.

Peter Parrish

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