Steam Deck game profiles

Valve’s latest update for the Steam Deck includes various additions, including per-game performance profiles and additions to the keyboard. Valve also added a handful of smaller features and performance improvements. All in all, this is another solid update that only serves to benefit Valve’s handheld system.

The company remains proactive when it comes to sending out updates for the Steam Deck. Every few weeks, Valve releases a new update for the device that further improves the experience for its users. Just last month, a previous update brought an OS-controlled fan curve to the device as well as some experimental features.


Steam Deck’s new per-game performance profiles

The biggest inclusion in this update is the addition of per-game performance profiles. Each game can now be set to have its own performance settings. You can access this feature by using the Quick Access Menu, clicking on Performance, and then Advanced View. If left alone, games will default to using the global system performance settings.

This is great news for Steam Deck users who want to properly optimize each game for battery life and performance. It cuts out a lot of time that’s usually used up when switching settings around for each game. This, along with the newly added fan curve and adjustable refresh rate, should make the Steam Deck much better for longer sessions. There are still additions that need to be made here, though, like the ability to set multiple profiles per game.

Steam Deck game profiles

(Image credit: Valve)

This update also brings additions to the keyboard. There are now layouts for Bulgarian Traditional, tweaks to the interface that affect ‘AltGr’ symbols, and incorrect keys for Russian and Ukrainian keyboards were removed. These are small tweaks but welcome changes for those it affects.

Smaller fixes are also here that improve the overall experience. When the Steam Deck is connected to an external display, it will scale to a 1280×800 resolution. Performance has also been improved when switching from offline to online. Rumble and haptics settings have been moved from the Quick Access Menu to the Controller Settings page, too.

There are loads of other small tweaks, so be sure to check out the full patch notes for more information. It’ll be interesting to see what Valve brings to the Steam Deck next. Hopefully, We’ll start seeing the experimental features introduced in the previous update make their way out of beta.

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