Steam Dev Days session videos now online in full
Steam Dev Days

Not just restricted to January any more.

You can now experience the joy and wonder of attending Steam Dev Days in your own home, just a few weeks later and without the freebie Steam Machine gift bag. Yes, as Valve suggested at the time of the event, all of the conference talks are now online in full.

Head over to the Steam Dev Days main page for a list of talks, and choose one that takes your fancy. Some of the 28 sessions also have accompanying pdf text versions and slides, if you’re so inclined. There’s also a YouTube playlist which shows each and every one of them in a row.

So, whether you want to hear what Valve has to say about Steam Machines, virtual reality or hats, the Steam Dev Days talks should have you pretty well covered. Here’s the introduction to the whole shebang, presented by Mr. Gabe Newell himself.

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