Steam Exploration Sale Day 5 picks

steam sale blessed gaben

Another day, another batch of games going cheap in the Steam Exploration Sale.

Yesterday the site had a slight outage so we missed popping up a quick recap of what we think you should buy in the Steam Exploration Sale. After sorting the server out we’re a back and a new batch of games has now been listed on Steam for Sunday.

A good load of gaming goodness today with some of our favourites appearing including Divinity: Original Sin for £20.09 if you want some RPG action. Peter has already explained why you should be playing this.

Not sure about Far Cry 4? Pick up Far Cry 3 instead for a tiny £3.74. For stealth action there’s Dishonored available for £2.49, and although it’s not exactly new, it’s worth having in the collection.

One game I really enjoyed this year year was the rebooted Gauntlet which is a fun co-op action RPG blast and it’s well worth the asking price of £7.49. Tim would also probably recommend Saints Row IV for £4.24 so I better give that a mention or  he’ll beat me with his purple dildo.

Not a bad batch today, and with a only a couple of days left, best snap up what you can if you have any money left.

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