If you fancy getting a bit of money off (most of) the Game Awards 2017 nominees, Steam has a sale on right now. I know, Steam, having a sale. It all seems so unlikely.

Obviously you won’t be getting any money off the non-PC nominees as they aren’t sold through Steam. You also won’t be getting money off all of the PC ones. Battlegrounds, Injustice 2, PES 2018 and others are listed (as they are indeed nominees), but aren’t on sale.

You can get things like 25% off XCOM 2: War of the Chosen though, which is not bad considering it hasn’t been out especially long. 20% off the recently released PC version of Nioh is quite nice too, if you can put up with a pretty basic port. The Bethesda properties of Prey and Wolfenstein 2 are both 50% off as well.

The Game Awards 2017 themselves start tonight at 5.30pm (PST). Though I think that’s the pre-show stuff rather than the event itself.

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