Today is a pretty good day for those wanting to fill a gap in their Star Wars game collections, as Steam and GOG are both running themed events with various benefits.

Steam’s sale puts X-Wing and TIE Fighter on Valve’s platform for the first time (in 1998 ‘Special Edition’ form,) as well as X-Wing Alliance and X-Wing vs TIE Fighter. All of those are 10% off until 6 May. That prior link takes you to the bundle page, but they’re available as individual purchases as well.

The LEGO Star Wars are also on sale for what may well be the first time (these ones always seem to be missing in other LEGO Steam sales.) You can get the ‘Complete Saga‘ for 70% off, making it it $6.00 USD over here.

Other Star Wars stuff like Knights of the Old Republic (and its Obsidian-developed sequel) has money off too.

But before you dash to splurge a load of money on Steam, GOG has some intriguing Star Wars offers too. Their service has had X-Wing and TIE Fighter available in DRM-free, updated-for-modern-Windows form since last year, and today is offering the 1995 Collector’s CD-ROM editions of the game.

These versions of the game are often thought to be the definitive ones (they included all expansions, plus graphical enhancements, but retained the MIDI score.) GOG notes that the Collector’s CD-ROM versions will be “a free upgrade to all of you that own it, and comes with every new purchase as well.”

Sale-wise, GOG is running a ‘Blaster Bundle’ of seven Star Wars games at 37% off (total,) and a ‘Saber Bundle’ with ten at a flat 75%(ish) off.

In addition to this, Star Wars: Rebel Assault (the original and sequel,) plus Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast and Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy are now available through GOG as well.

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