Steam Kicks Off Weekend With Codemasters Racing Deal

Steam is kicking off the weekend with a Codemasters Racing Pack price cut.Every game in the pack – that’s DiRT, Colin McRae DiRT 2, FUEL, GRID, and ToCA Race Driver 3 – has a whole lot of capital letters as well as a 75 per cent price cut.The individual game prices are below if you only fancy one or two, but the pack containing all of them is £12.50 GBP, which is a good £6.21 GBP cheaper than buying them individually at their reduced prices.Check out the deal here, and the prices below.DiRT – £1.75 GBP (down from £6.99 GBP)Colin McRae DiRT 2 – £7.49 GBP (down from £29.99 GBP)FUEL – £2.74 GBP (down from £10.99 GBP)GRID – £4.99 GBP (down from £19.99 GBP)ToCA Race Driver 3 – £1.74 GBP (down from £6.99 GBP)And no, we’re not sure why DiRT is a penny more expensive than ToCA Race Driver 3, either. Or why pretty much every Codemasters racing title has at least one load of full caps in its name.