Steam Labs Experimental News Hub Sees Big Changes Ahead Of Launch (1)

Back in March, we saw the first inklings of the customizable News Hub that will soon make its Steam debut. While it was still a Steam Labs experiment, the News Hub has now evolved into a whole new beast. Ahead of the full release of this feature, there are some alterations to be expected. The layout of the hub has been changed, individuals games will now have updated hubs, upcoming events will be specifically highlights, and there will also be a new Featured section.


Straight from the off, users will notice that the menu bar on the left has been streamlined. Previously, you would have needed to scan through plenty of checkboxes to personalize your feed. Now, Valve has removed the clutter and the menu bar only features three tabs. A personalized news tab, upcoming events, and the aforementioned Featured tab. The option to search for a specific game is also included, with the filters now relegated to the options and filters portion.

Steam Labs Experimental News Hub Sees Big Changes Ahead Of Launch (2)

Aside from seeing the news that matter to you, upcoming events relevant to your interests can now be found in one convenient tab on the News Hub. Instead of showing you events past and upcoming, the focus will be on new events in the future that are of interest. This will help ensure users stay on top on their favorite titles.

The News Hub will also see the Featured section being tweaked along the way, rather than just showing the top-sellers. According to Valve, it will “include popular events from a broader variety of games as well as hand-picked events that our curation team here at Valve selects to highlight.”

Suffice to say, this new News Hub is a big improvement. At first glance, it is more accessible and clean, with an easier path of navigation to the content you want. While the launch of this work-in-progress feature is still not set, but at this state, it will definitely be a good addition to the Steam experience.

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