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When it comes to PC gaming, there is no way to avoid bringing Steam into the conversation. It has practically eliminated physical games and dominated much of the digital storefront wars, and Valve’s platform will only grow bigger. As it continues to add more games, however, that comes at a cost of potential clutter, the occasional bad game, and basically confusion all around. A new Steam Labs experiment will try to rectify that, as Valve pushes out the Steam News Hub.

Everything you need and more

As the ninth official Steam Labs feature, the News Hub is now available on both mobile and the web. On its own, the News Hub is home to plenty of information to digest. This includes news posts from Steam, such as major announcements, and posts related to the games you have in your library and wishlist. Livestreams, events, content updates, sales — these reminders are all present and should be familiar to Steam users. What stands out with News Hub is that it is very customizable.

Steam Labs' Latest Experiment Touts Overhauled And Fully Customizable News Hub (1)

The Steam News Hub can be considered your go-to section if you are looking to be caught up for specific things. Users can optimize it to only show sales, in-game events, new releases, or livestreams for games you care about, in any configuration whatsoever.

Steam will also be looking to promote upcoming events and posts in the “Coming Soon” section and giving users the choice to set email reminders. This will then be followed up with a homepage of sorts, collecting all the stories it deems important to you in one convenient place.

Steam Labs tinkering

The new feature follows after several other experiments carried out by Valve. We have gotten a better store search function with filters, as well as the Play Next feature that can help you plan for your backlog.

Steam Labs' Latest Experiment Touts Overhauled And Fully Customizable News Hub (2)

The Steam News Hub will not be replacing the News tab just yet, but a full release seems inevitable considering the utility that it possesses. It is now all down to Valve to decide when to pull the plug and unleash its latest experiment for the masses.

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