Steam launches Anime-zing sale

Steam launches Anime-zing sale

Valve just want to make all your anime dreams come true today, assuming your anime dream is owning a bunch of cheap-to-very-cheap PC games.

Yes, now there’s no excuse for avoiding a copy of Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle – Schoolgirls Edition, and other titans of PC gaming quality. In fairness, I don’t know whether Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle plays a great game of mahjong. Perhaps it does.

There are plenty of titles to choose from, so if you’ve ever read one of Tim’s Naruto game reviews and thought that series sounded interesting, there’s a cheaper than usual way to get one of them. The ever-dependable Hatoful Boyfriend is 75% off, and some of the more recent ports like Tales of Zestiria and Guilty Gear Xrd – Sign have money off too.

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