Steam library update is rolling out Sept. 17

Steam Library Revamp Update

The big Steam library update Valve revealed six months ago is finally heading our way. Soon, your Steam library will have a whole new look and feel, offering each game its own page chock full of useful information. But to be clear: this will launch in beta, so while you’ll be able to check out all the new features, it’s likely that some features may change before launch. However, if you’re eager to give the new library a whirl (it’s available to all), the beta will begin on Sept. 17.

Valve announced the beta today on the Steam Community page. The library will have a brand new landing page. This new page will offer quick access to “game updates, recently played games, friends activity and your collections.” In other words, if you have a game that’s been updated, or if there is a new event on the horizon, you’ll know right away.

Steam Library Revamp Update Games

Additionally, the new library will include an updated friends list. No more will you have to click the outdated “Friends & Chat” button to find out what you’re buddies are currently doing.  Instead, all your friends will be shown under a “Friends Who Play” box, which you can see in the top-right section of the image below. The friends section will show you who’s currently online and what game they’re currently playing.

You’ll also see which friends have a highlighted game you own on their wishlist. Granted, that feature seems somewhat useless from where I’m standing. Unless, of course, you decide to purchase the game for them in a display of true friendship and altruism.

Steam Library Revamp Update Friends

Developer friendliness

The Steam library update won’t just for players, but developers as well. If you’re a developer, the new library will allow you to let your fans know if you’ve recently updated your game(s). One intention of this feature, from what I gather, is to bring players back to the fold if they’ve since moved on.

The feature, according to Valve, is alleviate the difficulty developers have of keeping players informed of updates to games they own, even “if they’ve moved on to something else.” It appears that soon developers can pester you with notifications, which might not be a good thing. I just hope we can turn those off. But it might not be as bad I’m imagining (Hey, listen!).

For more on the update, check out the announcement at the Steam Community page.

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