steam aliens

    Feels good man.

    The latest Steam client beta includes a face-saving new feature; the ability to shovel rubbish games away into a “hidden” category. Joining the Steam beta is a pretty simple affair, you just have to find the option to do so under Settings and then Account.

    To hide any games you might be ashamed of, head to your library, right-click on the offending article and choose the ‘Set Categories’ option. There’ll be a little box in the bottom left hand corner for you to check if you wish to hide said game.

    At long last, it’s possible to rid yourself of Aliens: Colonial Marines or be the ultimate taste-maker by hiding absolutely everything in your library except Dark Souls. If you have a change of heart, anything that you’ve hidden can still be found under the library tab “hidden.”

    In other beta client news, Steam has been given a slightly new look. Or “neutralizing overall color palette” if you go by the update notes. In straightforward terms that means Steam has got a bit of a dark blue hue now, and seems to have a circular icon in the taskbar notification area which is, frankly, alarming. Change is frightening and confusing.

    Peter Parrish

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