Always-on DRM issue forces Valve to dig into their piggy bank.
Last week’s revelation that From Dust requires an always-on internet connection to validate your purchase of the game and allow you to play it through Steam had, up to now, been met with silence from both Valve and Ubisoft.
Consumers were understanably annoyed at the system, especially after Ubisoft had previously promised that the game would require a single activation upon your initial install and launch. 
However, Steam users are reporting that Valve have been in contact with them to offer a full refund of the title for those that either “don’t want to wait for the patch or if you haven’t played the game.”
The patch in question will remove the always-on DRM and replace it with the originally promised single activation system. Furthermore, the Valve email explains that the refund are being offered “per Ubisoft’s request.”
While the move towards refunds and the alteration of the DRM is a fine example of consumer power, the bigger issue of publishers treating PC gamers as garbage still remains. Steam has done wonders for the state of PC gaming over recent years but issues such as these call the practises of Valve (and Ubisoft) into question and often make me wonder why I should bother with PC versions at all. 
Especially when you consider the fact that console editions of the same game are usually released first. 
You can read up on our thoughts concering From Dust in our full review here.
Source: RockPaperShotgun

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