Valve Implements Permanent Steam Points Shop As Part Of Summer Sale (3)

If you’ve been digging through the many awesome deals for the Steam Summer Sale 2020, you may have noticed something different. Although Steam rewards Points for purchases, as past events have done, this year seems a little bit different. Steam is making its new Points Shop a permanent fixture, and consumers can exchange their hard-earned points for more digital goodies. You’ll find frames, profile accents, stickers, and more up for sale.

Even more rewards

Valve Implements Permanent Steam Points Shop As Part Of Summer Sale (1)

You can earn Steam Points at a rate of 100 per dollar spent, although exchange rates do apply. Any purchase you make, including DLC content, apps, soundtracks, and even hardware will gain you points. Most of the items in the Points Shop relate to different games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Doom Eternal. For the Steam Summer Sale, a special Summer Golden Profile set is up for grabs.

The Points Shop will also allow users to confer Community Awards for helpful content. If you find a particular review useful or some user-generated content to be impressive, you can let others know with the Community Awards. Doing so will allow you to earn some rewards. A Patron badge is awarded if you grant Community Awards to user content, while a Contributor badge can be yours if you recognize good user reviews. Not only that, but you’ll also help those who create such useful content to get their rewards. They will earn Steam Points for being useful to the community, and this will likely spur the community to contribute more with quality.

Valve Implements Permanent Steam Points Shop As Part Of Summer Sale (2)

With the permanent Points Shop, your Steam Points will no longer expire. This way, you can make sure you have enough in the bank just in case something attractive pops up. Of course, refunding any purchase will remove those Steam Points from your account, and you cannot trade or sell them. For more details, check out Steam’s webpage on them.

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