July 21st, 2017

Steam sale likely beginning tonight

Steam Sale gabe blasphemy

[Update]: It has begun.

Just a quick public service announcement: all indications are that Steam’s Thanksgiving Sale (or possibly Steam’s Autumn Sale) will be beginning in just over an hour.

Earlier this month, a rather genuine-looking email from Valve – which mentioned 27 November to 3 December as the dates for an upcoming sale – was leaked. Not only that, but there’ve been a few little oddities indicating that this might be the case; PC users got this week’s Rocksmith 2014 DLC (which would normally have hit Steam either yesterday or today) last Friday, with Ubisoft’s reason being that Thanksgiving is this week. AsĀ Rocksmith 2014‘s DLC is only available through Steam and the console versions didn’t get their DLC early, that would tend to indicate that there’s some sort of Steam-and-Thanksgiving related reason as to why it hit PC first.

Steam tends to update its sales and daily deals at 6pm UK time. It’s 4:50pm at the time of writing, so… one hour to go. If you’re planning on making any purchases today, you’ll probably want to hold off ’til then just in case we’re right.

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