Wolfenstein The New Order - 35

Don’t kill me, I’m half ofuurggaaahh.

It’s the final weekend of the Steam Summer Sale 2014, and I’ve now written so many of these intros they’re starting to blur into one. Also, I’m trying to watch Chile-Brazil at the same time, so forgive any distracted posting. I’ll give you live goal updates if anything happens while writing this.

So! Today’s deals. The most obvious one is probably Wolfenstein: The New Order, discounted by half to $30.00. Yes, already. Tim found it to be an effective Nazi-shooting title in his review, so that could be worth looking at if you’re angling for an FPS. The PC port had some issues at launch, but as far as I understand these have been somewhat dealt with (I’ve not played it though, so bear that in mind.)

CHI-BRA UPDATE: Oooh, Hulk just had a goal disallowed for handball. Big decision by Howard Webb, there. Still 1-1.

Right, back to deals. Don’t bother with Thief, even at $15.00. It’s terrible.

Everybody who wants to owns Portal 2 ($5.00) and Chivalry ($5.00) by now, surely? If not, they’re both good. Goat Simulator is 100% a joke game, but that joke might be funny enough to be worth $6.00. This might help you decide.

Broken Age is the pick of the current Flash sales at $8.50; though be aware that the second episode isn’t actually out yet (that will be later this year.)

While I didn’t exactly fall head over heels for Cloudbuilt at the time, it’s definitely worth a try at $3.00 in the Community Deals if you like the sound of a time-attack Mirror’s Edge-ish parkour platformer. It’ll be cheap for the next eight hours from the time of writing.

CHI-BRA UPDATE: Julio Cesar just pulled off a great save. Still 1-1.

The mighty Pink team won the Bonus Summer Adventure Game yesterday, bringing the short reign of Red terror to an end.

Right, back to the World Cup.

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