dynasty warriors 8 xlce (2)

Dynasty Warriors 8 in brief.

A goal-crazy World Cup and a Steam Summer Sale, what better way to spend June? Since it’s now after 10am Pacific, Gaben’s discount warehouse has moved on to a second day of deals to test your steely resolve.

If you’ve been curious about Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition, now would be the day to pick it up. It’s 50% off only a couple of months after release, and a pretty decent game. I don’t know many more titles where you can knock 1,500 Chinese soldiers unconscious with a boat, anyway. The PC port is kind of basic (a mish-mash of PS3 and PS4 versions,) but will get you 60fps and 1080p at least.

State of Decay is not a bad bet at $5.00 USD, as it’s a properly novel take on the zombie survival idea. You have to juggle scavenging, exploration, keeping your community happy, constructing new buildings and all manner of other tasks. All while trying not to be eaten.

Since we’re on the zombie subject, it’s worth mentioning The Walking Dead Season Two at 50% off as well. That’ll no doubt delight the people who jumped on the Season at the initial price, and proves once again that where Telltale is concerned it almost always pays to wait until the whole set of five episodes is out before buying-in to the game.

In the flash sales (good for close to another eight hours at the time of writing,) I’m going to fall back on the sturdy recommendation of Mount & Blade: Warband. It’s been on sale many times before. Most people probably own it. But for those who don’t, $4.00 USD is a fine price for this sandbox RPG and it’s horse-based multiplayer mayhem.

From the current community choices (also good for eight-ish hours,) you probably won’t go wrong with either Call of Juarez: Gunslinger or Bulletstorm at $3.75 and $5.00 USD respectively if you want an inventive first-person shooter.

The Purple team won the first day’s points-gathering in the Summer Adventure Game, so if you were on that squad you had a very, very, very slim chance of winning three games from your wishlist.

Peter Parrish

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