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Dark Souls is riding high in the Steam Summer Sale on Day 5, which means I’m going to recommend Dark Souls. What a magical world we live in where Dark Souls is not only available on PC, but comes with the superb Artorias of the Abyss DLC included within it and costs $5.00 USD.

There’s no down side! Okay, there are a couple of down sides. One, you pretty much need to install the Durante DSFix mod to get any kind of decent resolution and graphics options out of it (that’s a pretty simple process though, just remember to disable anti-aliasing in-game.) Second, it uses Games for Windows Live which is icky and gross and probably going to be switched off at some point this summer.

Namco say they’re looking into solutions for that latter problem, and since they just used Steam for Dark Souls 2, you can probably guess what that solution might end up being.

Other Steam Summer Sale delights today include Saints Row IV for $10.00 USD, or a mega series pack including pretty much everything Saints Row 2, The Third and IV in one $20.00 set.

FTL’s advanced edition looks nice at $4.00 too, if you don’t already own that. Save some money for Dark Souls though. Seriously, do it.

Edit: There’s also a Behemoth “Can’t Stop Laughing” bundle available at 90% off, giving you Castle Crashers AND Battleblock Theater for $2.50. This is kind of nuts and may be a mistake but seems to work for now.

In the current Flash deal corner, I haven’t really played any of the offerings except Hitman: Absolution. Tim will disagree with this, but I don’t think it’s all that bad for $4.00. Just don’t expect a classic Blood Money type title. Lowered expectations are key.

Yesterday’s increasingly suspicious Steam Summer Sale Bonus Adventure Game was won by the Pink team, by a dramatic margin. Either these teams are now fantastic at organisation, or there’s something a bit fishy going on with this whole thing. Blue team are the only ones to have not won so far and … oh look, they’re already really far out in front today. What a coincidence.

The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria announced by Blue Byte

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