the banner saga (5)

It’s worth spending $12 just to look at The Banner Saga, really.

One week in to the Steam Summer Sale 2014, how are your cash reserves doing? Are you gazing at a bulging list of PC games acquired on the cheap, wondering how to find the time to play them all? Or have you picked and chosen your offers carefully, lining up a nice summer of gaming for yourself?

Whatever the answer, today’s Steam Summer Sale offers bring more temptation (or maybe not, depending on your preferences.)

One of the better games from the first half of the year, The Banner Saga, is reduced to $12.50 USD today. The turn-based battles have some ‘unusual’ design decisions, but if you like exposition-light fantasy tales about pseudo-Vikings and the end of the world, this is a solid choice.

Then there are a pair of games you could label under “not quite as good as their predecessors, but still loved by some.” Company of Heroes 2 is $10.00, and since they just released a multiplayer-based expansion, now might be a decent time to hop in to some competitive play while the community is resurgent. Meanwhile, Batman: Arkham Origins is $7.50. Not amazingly received last year, but it definitely has its supporters who feel it was given a rough ride by critics.

Tim will probably shout at me if I don’t give a mention of The Secret World in the current Flash deals ($12.00.) It’s an MMO (wait, come back!) with a proper story and the Illuminati and conspiracy puzzles to solve, and stuff. I don’t really know, read Tim’s love letter to the game it’ll make things a lot clearer.

The current Community selection is looking pretty good for the next seven hours or so; Mirror’s Edge for $5.00 and Tomb Raider for the same price.

If you’re keeping up with the Bonus Summer Adventure, yesterday’s quite-suspicious contest was won by the Red team. They also seem to be well out in front today.

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