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Do you like pretending to be an important general man commanding your tiny ant-like troops? Then some of today’s Steam Summer Sale deals may very well apply. The eighth day of the sales event brings strategy titles in something approaching abundance.

At the more complex end (though not as complex as these games used to be,) you have Paradox’s Europa Universalis IV. If you were one of the people to hop on the Paradox train with Crusader Kings 2 you should be able to handle it just fine. It’s the grandest of grand strategies, available today for $10.00 USD.

On the more approachable and classic end, Civilization V is $7.50 for the next 24 hours. There’s also a “complete edition” offer, giving you every expansion and piece of DLC for a total of $16.50.

Total War: Rome 2 got a justified mauling when it came out, but has been improved in multiple areas since then. It could be worth gambling on at $20.00. The expansions (aside from the latest Pirates and Raiders one) are on sale too, so you can pick up things like Caesar in Gaul or Hannibal at the Gates for $5.00 each.

Less strategic but still worth a mention are Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag at $20.00 and Dishonored for $5.00. The former is probably the last hurrah for the rather creaky Assassin’s Creed mechanics, but a good old pirate romp. Dishonored should be familiar to people by now, but it’s Arkane’s homage to the Thief/Deus Ex style ’emergent’ first-person game. Or, to be less pretentious, it’s about sneaking about and killing people with swords and magic powers.

The Flash sales entertainingly include the You Need a Budget software for $15.00 (I have no idea if this is good) and Steamworld Dig for $2.50 (this is good.)

Dark Souls seems to have popped up again in a Community deal too. Just in case you missed it previously.

The Red team has now won two Summer Bonus Adventure contests in a row. Pink leads in the current event.

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