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    This is how the Red team keep winning the Summer Adventure.

    If you’re baffled by bargains or dazzled by deals, don’t despair; IncGamers can help you navigate through the shovelware to the worthwhile games. Today is the ninth day of the Steam Summer Sale, another 24 hour step towards its conclusion on 30 June.

    One title that the pun gods demand to be dubbed “an absolute steal” is Payday 2, reduced by a hefty 80% to make it $6.00 USD. Their strategy here is probably to get more people owning the base game in the hopes that they’ll pick up the recently released Big Bank Heist DLC too. If you have deep rooted desires to shoot many, many members of SWAT teams, this game should be on your to-do list.

    A pair of fourth installments are going cheap on the same day. Grand Theft Auto IV (& Episodes from Liberty City) is also $6.00, and while it isn’t the greatest PC port in history by any means, you can generate plenty of entertainment just by modding it. GTA V will be out soon on PC, of course.

    Tropico 5 has already been released, which is probably why Tropico 4 is now reduced to $3.00. Heartily recommended for anybody who wants an off-center City Builder with Cold War and dictatorial overtones. Not bad jokes, either.

    Continuing the “hey, wasn’t that game only just released recently?” theme, Transistor (from the people who did Bastion) and Wargame Red Dragon (from the people who did other Wargames) are 25% and 40% off respectively.

    Present Flash sales can offer the watery embrace of Octodad: Dadliest Catch for a little more than $5.00, while for the next eight hours or so System Shock 2 is $1.50. $1.50 for System Shock 2! Here’s why you should own that one.

    The dastardly Red team won the Bonus Summer Adventure challenge for the second day. They also have a slight lead today. Are we now living in a terrifying era of Red team supremacy? All signs point to yes.

    Peter Parrish

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